In Bogota, Sunday is the most festive day of the week. The day begins with Ciclovia, a weekly event where large portions of city are closed off the car traffic and people are free to bike, rollerblade, walk, or run in the streets. In plazas, you’ll find free aerobics and dance classes that are available to anyone who wants to join. Ciclovia ends in the early afternoon, but the jovial atmosphere continues into the evening, and it seems as though the city streets are a family room or a venue. Locals attentively watch street performers, vendors dole out roasted corn and other quick bites, and to top it off, the best museum in town is free. It’s a great day to go out and get a sense of what Bogota is, and perhaps what it’s becoming. Here are some images from a Sunday morning and afternoon spent exploring the La Candelaria neighborhood of Bogota:

Street Art in Bogota, Colombia

Awesome street art is around pretty much every corner in Bogota.

Tango Lesson in Bogota, Colombia

In a square near my hostel, there was a free tango dance lesson.

Tango Instructors in Bogota, Colombia

Check out the tango instructors’ attire!

Tango Dancing in Bogota, Colombia

Street Performers in Bogota, Colombia

A child looking expectantly at a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed street performer, waiting for him to move from his frozen state.

The Gold Museum in Bogota, Colombia

The Gold Museum in Bogota, Colombia

The Gold Museum in Bogota, Colombia

I’m pretty sure that there’s a Museo del Oro (Gold Museum) in every city in Colombia, but the one in Bogota is supposed to be the best. I’m a sucker for excellent curation and this museum turned out have a intriguing collection of artifacts displayed in eye-catching ways.

Street Performers in Bogota, Colombia

Street Performers in Bogota, Colombia

People in Bogota seem to love street performers, and this group of unicyclists drew a big crowd.

Military Parade in Bogota, Colombia

In the main square, I heard music, so I followed the sound and came across some kind of military parade.

Soldiers in Bogota, Colombia

Soldiers in Bogota, Colombia

The soldiers on the sidelines were likely fulfilling required military service. The instant the parade was over, they shed their serious stances and made phone calls and chatted with people they knew in the streets.

Wedding Photo Shoot in Bogota, Colombia

 Around the corner, I came across a casual bride and groom who were taking their wedding pictures around the city.

For more information on Ciclovia (a concept that has spread to many other cities around the world), check out this short documentary:


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