Well, I haven’t been very active on here in the last year and a half. Being in grad school while working has kept me very busy, and my thoughts and life are often consumed by one topic: education. Despite this being the major focus of my life at the moment, I have managed to squeeze in some writing about travel and life, as well as plenty of picture taking. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Big Island Traveler Magazine

Not long after I arrived on the Big Island, I began writing for Big Island Traveler Magazine, and have continued to contribute to the magazine. Writing about travel in the place in which I live keeps me on my toes and has led me to discover some fascinating spots I may not have otherwise stumbled upon. The current issue of the magazine features two such discoveries:

Home on the Range: Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary

I didn’t know what to expect from an animal sanctuary in Kona, but I left with an abundance of new knowledge on human-animal interactions and felt inspired by the passion and spunk of the owner, Ann Goody. While the sanctuary gives people an opportunity to see unique animals in an unusual setting, for me the highlight was gaining insight from Ann on how humans can best interact with both wild and domesticated animals.

Holualoa Town: For Coffee and Art Lovers

Holualoa is a small town up the mountain from West Hawaii Island’s main town, Kailua-Kona. For a long time, I thought of Holualoa as mythical place. There were signs pointing to it, and I knew it wasn’t far away, but I had yet to visit and it didn’t seem real. When I finally explored Holualoa, I was surprised to find that this blink-and-you-might-miss-it village has some intriguing places to visit, even when it seems empty. If you ever find yourself there, my three strongest recommendations are Holuakoa Cafe, Donkey Mill Art Center, and Mauka Meadows.

Honolulu Civil Beat

In December, I submitted a story to Honolulu Civil Beat’s Emerging Writers Contest. Civil Beat focuses on local issues in Hawaii such as politics, education, and the environment. The piece I wrote was inspired by, and perhaps an extension of my post, “Voyages of Rediscovery,” and it discusses some unseen sides of living in Hawaii. It was a story I had been slowly writing in my mind for awhile, and I am glad that deciding to enter it into the contest pushed me to sit down and type it out.While I did not place in the contest, I was a finalist. I hope to eventually find a good home for that piece.


I avoided Instagram for a long time because I wanted to limit my social media and concentrate on blogging, but I gave in last summer. Because I have not had as much time for blogging, it has become my way of sharing my travels and adventures around Hawaii and beyond. Find me on Instagram: @fogandlight

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Voyages of Rediscovery

November 28, 2015 California
Oaxaca, Mexico

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust – Over the summer, I did not travel — I returned. In June, I flew out of Hawaii and arrived in California, elated to catch up with family and friends I hadn’t seen in months, ready […]

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Be Still for a Moment While the Earth Keeps Spinning

March 26, 2015 captured on memory card
Lava rocks and ocean at a beach in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

I have a piece of Pele in my house. It’s a large lava rock that was too tenacious to be removed when they were building the house. So the house was built around it, and they left the rock in the corner as an accent piece. To me, it’s become so normal to have this […]

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On Teaching, Doing, and a New Published Article

March 7, 2015 Hawaii
Hawaii - Mini apiary demonstation at Big Island Bees

Lately, I’ve drifted from my writing. I have so many stories stored in my mind, ready to escape through the tips of my fingers to be written and rewritten and published on this blog. I have photos to pore through and reminisce over the moments they’ve captured as I organize them into photo essays. But […]

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Eating in Ghana: Reinventing Airplane Food

January 8, 2015 eats and drinks
La Tante DC 10 Restaurant in Accra, Ghana

On my adventures, I’ve eaten countless meals on planes. Typically, they’re TV dinner-like mains with a motley and often incomprehensible assortment of sides. But eating on a plane doesn’t always have to be like this. In December 2013, I had my first meal at a restaurant inside a plane. In Accra, Ghana, along the way […]

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Photo Essay: Snapshots from Los Angeles

December 13, 2014 California
Aerial View of Los Angeles, California

On my way back to San Francisco after Colombia, I spent a few days in Los Angeles. On my short trip there, I experienced a wide range of the city — from fancy restaurants to late night taco trucks, from the crowded freeways to the metro system (yup, you read that correctly), from gritty streets […]

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When You Go Back to Bogota

October 12, 2014 Colombia
Leaving the Tatacoa Desert, Colombia

This is what it looks like to leave the Tatacoa Desert. Take it all in, because today you’re going back to Bogota. Back to the city, out of nothingness, back to the urban sprawl. Then back to California. But wait, before you go home, there’s gotta be one more crazy Colombian overland trip. First, there’s […]

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Photo Essay: A Cathedral Carved Out of Salt in Colombia

September 28, 2014 captured on memory card

About an hour away from the bustle of Bogota is the placid little city of Zipaquirá. At first glance, it looks like an unassuming place. That is, until you go underground. Inside the town’s old mine lies a cathedral carved out of salt, all psychedelic and glowing with perpetually changing jewel toned lights. Here are […]

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