Wanderful Words No. 1: Introducing Regular Bits of Travel and Life Inspiration

by Ekua on September 25, 2009 in wanderful words

Everyone can use regular inspiration. Today, I’m starting a new category of entries to share my favorite “wanderful words” about travel, culture, and adventure– quotes from books, poems, and movies that linger in my mind and inspire me to keep moving and exploring.

I recently began reading Kite Strings of the Southern Cross, a travel memoir by Laurie Gough and have already found it to be full of great passages. For Wanderful Words No. 1, I’d like to share an excerpt from the introduction about the love of travel writing:

“Writing, like traveling, deepens my life, and writing about my travels gives them new meaning. Sometimes, it even allows me to live those journeys over and over again, minus the mosquitoes and sunstroke.”

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