On Having Many Homes

by Ekua on March 11, 2010 in local discoveries,why i travel

Spending five hours in a car with people I spend five days a week with, I begin to really get to know them for the first time. Stories of lives unfold and interests and opinions are revealed. “What a strange bunch,” I think. I feel at home.

We stop for dinner. Our waiter comes by and as if we are his family members, he tells us the trifling details of his day of chopping wood. He has no idea what the day’s special is. He returns every so often with drinks, food, bits of information about his day and his life. This peculiar woodsmen environment is not one I’ve ever experienced before, but it is cozy and I feel at home.

Cell phone bars decrease as the altitude increases. Headlights illuminate a growing number of tree trunks and a road lined with snow. We are surrounded by mountains that we cannot see, but we know we are somewhere special. We look up at the twinkling lights our city building lights cancel out. In the rawness of the earth, I feel at home.

We settle into our cabin. The power goes out. Distractions unavailable, the entire group comes together. In the dark, we share. Quirks and idiosyncrasies are acknowledged and accepted. Unique beings bonded by individuality and common goals. I feel at home.

The light and daylight have returned. I quietly leave the cabin. I slip further into my skin and deeper into my blood. I exhale everyday minutiae and inhale fresh air and fresh perspective. I become aware of the difference between walking amongst the trees rather than past them, and strive for the former. I stop to look up at tree tops and swirling clouds and feel grounded in my position on this planet. In the wonder of the Earth, I feel at home.

It’s been hours since we left the trees and mountains behind. Across the bridge, I see a twinkling skyline. We approach chaos and frustration with undertones of possibility. I feel at home.

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Bobbi Lee Hitchon March 14, 2010 at 2:08 pm

Great post. I just had a similar experience. It’s nice to get to know people without constant distractions.


Ekua March 14, 2010 at 11:05 pm

Yup, I personally thought it was a nice stroke of luck that the power went out!


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