July 2012

Photo Essay: Berlin in the Sun

July 31, 2012 captured on memory card
A scenic section of the Spree River in Berlin

Weather is treated unfairly. If you like to talk about it, you run the risk of being labeled B-O-R-I-N-G. But I am always intrigued by weather and the noticeable way it shapes the psyche of a place. It’s hard to imagine the grunge era taking root in in Seattle without its dark damp winters or […]

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Capturing the Essence of Oaxaca with 5 Colors

July 25, 2012 captured on memory card
Oaxaca - Capture the Colour - Red

Bold and creative uses of color never fail to inspire me, and my wanderlust most strongly draws me to places with vivid landscapes and colorful traditions. So when I was nominated by Ashley of No Onions Extra Pickles (and renominated by Lauren of Ephemerratic) to participate in the Capture the Colour contest, I knew I […]

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Photo Essay: Graffiti and Abandoned Places in Berlin

July 22, 2012 captured on memory card
Graffiti in Berlin

An outer layer of paint can make a destination memorable. Jaipur, India is known as the Pink City because of the dusty rose-colored buildings that make up its historical center. Santorini is known for its white buildings against the brilliant blue sea, and the colonial towns of Mexico for their bright multicolored rows of buildings. […]

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Songs for the Road No. 18: Underground American Hip Hop Music I Discovered in Berlin

July 19, 2012 Germany

For a long time, I’ve been intrigued by the ability for so many different kinds of music to permeate Europe years before Americans will give the same music a chance — if they ever do at all. In high school, I entered a phase where I began to explore the possibilities of music beyond the […]

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Photo Essay: A Bohemian Village Garden in Berlin

July 14, 2012 captured on memory card
Comenius garden in the Rixdorf neighborhood of Neukolln, Berlin

When you’re caught up in the bustle of a modern city, it’s hard to imagine that it may have once been a collection of villages or a settlement; that before there were apartment complexes and buses, there were farmhouses and horse drawn carts. Cities swallow up places beyond their original reach and change so rapidly […]

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Photo Essay: Berlin’s Vibrant Turkish Market

July 9, 2012 eats and drinks
Dried Foods at the Turkish Market in Berlin

Have you ever felt like you were traveling within your travels? That’s how I felt when I set foot in Berlin’s largest Turkish market. I didn’t intend to stay long when I arrived, but the lively and charming Kreuzberg market ended up drawing me in for hours. As soon as I exited the subway station, […]

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My Happy Days in Neukölln

July 7, 2012 Germany
Neukolln, Berlin

I love the travel moments when I move from tourist to explorer; when I start getting to the heart of what a location is rather than what’s been laid out to see. In some places, that moment comes not long after I step off the plane, but other cities take more time or effort. I’d […]

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Photo Essay: Street Art and Graffiti in Berlin

July 2, 2012 captured on memory card
Street art in Berlin

Street art has deep roots in the city of Berlin. When it was divided in two, the wall in West Berlin was a blank canvas for the beliefs and thoughts of counterculture types and immigrants who were settling there. After the Berlin Wall fell, the street art scene spread to the east side as well. […]

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