Songs for the Road No. 23: When the Sun and the Music Disappear into the Colors of the Dusk

by Ekua on September 15, 2014 in Hawaii,songs for the road,the natural world

Big Island, Hawaii Wallking Trail

Every evening is perfect at the walking trail. There are flowers everywhere and the sea breeze keeps you cool as you work up a sweat. When the sun blends with the clouds that often hover near the horizon, everything glows luminescent saffron. One day, I finish my walk and cross the street to go to the beach and watch the sunset.

This song comes on my playlist. It sounds like it was written for this moment. It’s the last song on the list and it ends just as the sun completely sinks below the horizon. Then, crashing waves and magnificent silence are the playlist for twilight and dusk.

Big Island, Hawaii Beach Sunset

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