Photo Essay: Snapshots from Los Angeles

by Ekua on December 13, 2014 in California,captured on memory card

On my way back to San Francisco after Colombia, I spent a few days in Los Angeles. On my short trip there, I experienced a wide range of the city — from fancy restaurants to late night taco trucks, from the crowded freeways to the metro system (yup, you read that correctly), from gritty streets to sparkly palm tree-lined boulevards, from the Hollywood Bowl to a casual bar-restaurant where we had a bizarre encounter with an infamous semi-celebrity. Here’s a small sample of my visit to Los Angeles in pictures:

Aerial View of Los Angeles, California

The familiar sight of Los Angeles from the plane: the sprawl, the rise of downtown, the mountains in the distance, and a layer of brown smog partially obscuring it all.

Tacos at Guisados in Los Angeles, California


One of the first types of food I gravitate toward when I return to California after a long time away is Mexican food. My sister and her friend took me to Guisados in Boyle Heights where I enjoyed some tacos and horchata.

Street art in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California

Corner store in Highland Park, Los Angeles

One afternoon we wandered around the main drag of Highland Park. It definitely gave off the vibe of a neighborhood going through a similar transition as neighborhoods in cities around the country. There’s a large long term population of Latino residents and an influx of hipsters beginning to change things.

Highland Park Metro Station in Los Angeles, California

Highland Park Metro Station in Los Angeles, California

I was shocked to find out that Los Angeles actually has a functioning metro system. After riding it, I can confidently say that you don’t know Los Angeles until you’ve ridden the metro there. Even after years of riding public transport in San Francisco, I found the Los Angeles Metro to be an uncomfortable experience. But it’s this whole other side of Los Angeles that many don’t know exists, and it’s important to know what’s underneath the surface of places we visit.

Palm trees and sunset skies in Hollywood, California


Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles

At the other end of the metro we walked to park where we joined a picnic, and then went over to the Hollywood Bowl.

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Ceri December 31, 2014 at 5:43 pm

I do hope to go back to LA one day. I only got to spend one day there last time and felt like I only got to (accidentally) see the seedy part of it.


Damon and Jo April 9, 2015 at 3:23 am

I actually found the LA metro to be quite pleasant…but then again, that’s after five years of living in New York, where the subway is verrrrry, verrrry dirty and always packed (and always late) lol. We do have to agree though that it’s completely another side of LA that most LA natives don’t know. They’re actually about to open up a brand-new subway line that’ll reach from Downtown LA to the beaches of Santa Monica – a big step for LA!!!


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