captured on memory card

Photo Essay: The Gritty, Endearing Streets of Cali, Colombia

March 24, 2014 captured on memory card

Cali is the kind of city dresses for itself and not for anyone else. It’s aloof, yet playful with its style; it lets you think it’s all urban grit, then it throws in a little bit of quaintness and challenges your perception of it. It’s generally ugly with a splash of color, art, or poetry […]

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Photo Essay: Scenes from Salento and Its Emerald Surroundings

February 12, 2014 captured on memory card
Town square in Salento, Colombia

Salento is more than just a base for the Valle de Cocora. It’s a town of colorful buildings that line imperfectly charming little streets that lead to the mountains. It’s a town where dogs laze about on the sidewalks and car drivers share the roads with horseback riders. It’s a town where Colombian city folk […]

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Photo Essay: The Formidable Beauty of the Valle de Cocora

February 1, 2014 captured on memory card

It’s 6am when I go to Salento’s main square to catch a jeep to the Valle de Cocora. I’m surprised to see that they’re already full… or so I think. Once all the seats inside the jeeps are taken, there is still space. You can stand on the back ledge and hang on. I’d rather […]

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Photo Essay: Architecture and Public Art in Medellin

January 5, 2014 captured on memory card

On my last evening in Medellin, I take the cable car to the Santo Domingo neighborhood at sunset. Colombian hip hop drifts out of a nearby house, the volume turned up so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful sounds that are created when hip hop beats conjoin with the inherent musicality of the Spanish language. […]

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Reflections on Unexpectedly Seeing the Same Cuban Farmer Twice

December 1, 2013 captured on memory card

In the summer of 2010, my group had just begun a hike through the gorgeous mogotes and tropical farms of Cuba’s Viñales Valley when we saw a farmer in the distance, tending to his tobacco crop. A little while later, we met him as he walked along the path with two bulls. His mouth was […]

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Photo Essay: An Afternoon at Medellin’s Botanical Garden

November 26, 2013 captured on memory card

As I walk into the Jardin Botanico de Medellin, it feels less like a botanical garden and more like a lively public park. Some people are checking out the plants, but mostly it feels like a place where people come to have a picnic and enjoy the company of good friends or a good book […]

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Photo Essay: Juxtapositions of Past and Present in Cartagena, Colombia

October 28, 2013 captured on memory card

The more pictures you see of a place you’re about to visit, the more you begin to place yourself in the middle of the images. After seeing numerous photographs of Cartagena, I started to imagine myself in a vibrant colonial town or alternatively, on a cosmopolitan Caribbean coast lined with highrise buildings whose windows shimmered […]

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Photo Essay: Finding Paradise in Tayrona National Park, Colombia

October 14, 2013 captured on memory card

I can’t believe this is the path I’m on. Walking through the jungle, I’d heard waves pounding against the shore in the distance, thundering and echoing like a promise of magnificence to come. Now I’ve reached a clearing where I see the jagged edges of the mountainous jungle reaching into the ocean. The transition between […]

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