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7 Empowering Anthems for International Women’s Day

March 8, 2014 female travel

International Women’s Day has a powerful energy fueled by the inherent inclusion, unity, and diversity of the holiday. It’s inspiring to see celebrations and activism around the world and know that you’re part of an international sisterhood of women that is driven to achieve equality. So to commemorate International Women’s Day (and any other day […]

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Wanderful Words No. 30: Adventure as a Destiny

August 24, 2013 Colombia
Adventurer by Fate

“And how did you get around the country?” my coworker asks me after I’d filled him in on most of my basic Colombia trip details. “Entirely by bus,” I respond, waiting for him to grimace in response. He is a seasoned traveler who tends to seek out a more luxury travel experience. Although he hasn’t […]

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When Human Rights Override Culture

March 8, 2013 female travel

Culture as it pertains to travelers can be a touchy subject. Residual colonizer guilt is an enormous yet unspoken aspect of the way travelers from the so-called first world feel that they should approach the different cultures they visit. Adding to the guilt is an underlying sense of urgency about the way unique cultures seem […]

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Into the Great Wide Open Spaces of Namibia: An Introduction

September 3, 2012 d.i.y. travel
Namibia - Approaching Windhoek

One day your mother calls you to say that she’s been accepted into the Peace Corps. And she’s being placed in Namibia. As soon as she tells you, she correctly guesses that you’re already planning your visit. You share the news with your friends. Many of them are puzzled. “Um, where’s Namibia?” they ask. You […]

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Songs for the Road No. 14: Discovering Afro-Brazil Through Banda Didá, An All Female Drumming Ensemble

November 8, 2011 Brazil

When I look back at the time I spent volunteering in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil in 2006, it seems so natural, so inevitable that I would end up in there at some point in my life. I often forget about what drew me to it in the first place: Banda Didá, an all female drumming […]

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A Break From Regularly Scheduled Travel Blogging to Bring You This Birthday Post

September 10, 2011 female travel

Earlier this week, I was flipping through the San Francisco Chronicle on my lunch break when an obituary caught my eye. Why am I talking about death in the week when I’m celebrating my birth? Well, hear me out. This woman who’d died exactly a week after her 95th birthday was described as a “lifelong […]

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Songs for the Road No. 7: Inspiration for Solo Travel

October 17, 2010 female travel

Traveling solo now feels normal to me, but there are those rare occasions when loneliness consumes me on the road. The day I arrived in Oaxaca which I wrote about in my previous entry is one example. I sometimes fight the solitude rather than reveling in it and understanding that it’s only temporary. Sometimes I […]

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A Hair Journey

July 21, 2010 Brazil

This post is a month and a day late, something I intended to write on June 20th, but couldn’t because I was caught up in travel moments and in coming and going. June 20th is an anniversary that passes without fanfare, but holds much meaning for me internally and externally. I can’t remember why I […]

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