Beyond Guidebooks and Reputations: How to Get to the Modern Heart of a Well-Known City

May 12, 2012 d.i.y. travel

When I travel, I want more than to see a place, I want to experience a place. I want to plunge into the local psyche and see what makes it like nowhere else in the world. I’m often amazed how with globalization looming over the world, places can be so different when you get to […]

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10 Things One San Franciscan Likes About Los Angeles

November 28, 2011 California
Los Angeles - Barnsdall Farmer's Market

In the vast and varied country of the United States, fellow residents tend to misunderstand each other as much as they have a tendency to misunderstand the world beyond. It’s disconcerting to see how many people form concrete opinions of other places based on very little knowledge of and experience in those places. I discovered […]

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How to Meet People When You’re Traveling Solo

October 10, 2011 d.i.y. travel

I tried to play it cool at the beginning of my first big solo trip, but I was pretty nervous about the whole thing.  While I value my alone time, I can also be a very social person. Going into that trip, I was worried that I wouldn’t meet anyone that I would click with […]

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7 Reasons to Work Up the Nerve to Travel Solo

May 29, 2011 d.i.y. travel

For the last few weeks, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about my potential summer travel plans. Many of these discussions end with an incredulous look and a comment about my ability to travel solo. I get a lot of, “I can’t believe you just go on your own!” or “I could never travel […]

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Deciding Where to Go Next and How to Take the First Steps Towards Getting There

May 15, 2010 d.i.y. travel

Oh, the places you can go. It can be overwhelming to think about how much world there is to explore. If you are lucky enough to be in a position where you have time and funds set aside for travel, it can be tricky to figure out how and where you should use them. And […]

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8 Shows Travelers Don’t Have to Feel Guilty About Watching

March 23, 2010 general travel

I was pretty excited to catch the new show, Life, on the Discovery Channel on Sunday night. Two episodes in, I don’t think it attains the splendor of Planet Earth quite yet, but it’s one more show that demonstrates the informative and positive side of television. With all of the educational potential it has, I […]

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