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Travel for Travel’s Sake

February 6, 2012 backpacking

If you follow my blog regularly, you may have realized that I have a penchant for the journey aspect of travel — all the things you see and experience while moving from one point to another. The points might be what have attracted me to a place, but I love the discovery — self or […]

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Songs for the Road No. 14: Discovering Afro-Brazil Through Banda Didá, An All Female Drumming Ensemble

November 8, 2011 Brazil

When I look back at the time I spent volunteering in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil in 2006, it seems so natural, so inevitable that I would end up in there at some point in my life. I often forget about what drew me to it in the first place: Banda Didá, an all female drumming […]

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Take Me Back to Old Havana

June 4, 2011 Cuba

I recently came across this wonderfully honest and beautiful video of scenes from Old Havana. It unexpectedly made me feel like I was in Havana again. It captures what a visit to the city is all about. The main thing to see there is everyday living as is — the resourcefulness and creative solutions, lots […]

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Wanderful Words No. 22: A Map for Saturday

May 11, 2010 backpacking

Turistas. Hostel. The Beach. These are all examples of Hollywood’s poor representations of traveling with a budget and a backpack. So it was refreshing to finally watch A Map for Saturday, a documentary by Brook Silva-Braga that takes a realistic look into the world of long term solo backpacking. While my month-or-sos away would not […]

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8 Shows Travelers Don’t Have to Feel Guilty About Watching

March 23, 2010 general travel

I was pretty excited to catch the new show, Life, on the Discovery Channel on Sunday night. Two episodes in, I don’t think it attains the splendor of Planet Earth quite yet, but it’s one more show that demonstrates the informative and positive side of television. With all of the educational potential it has, I […]

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Random Ramblings on the Gypsy Life

January 7, 2010 general travel

One day during my winter break, I thought I’d tune in to the Travel Channel. What I saw disturbed me. Most Unique McDonalds followed by Extreme Pig Outs… ?!?  But then came a commercial break with an announcement that a new season of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations is beginning on January 11th. A ray of […]

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