street art

Photo Essay: A Bogota Street Art Tour, Part 2

August 8, 2013 captured on memory card

“Art does not exist only to entertain, but also to challenge one to think, to provoke, even to disturb, in a constant search for truth.” – Barbra Streisand – Bogota’s street art makes you pay attention. It may be a piece of art as simple yet powerful as the enlarged face of an everyday person; […]

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Photo Essay: A Bogota Street Art Tour, Part 1

July 31, 2013 captured on memory card

Our starting point in the nondescript Parque de los Periodistas did not give away any secrets about what we were about to see. Within minutes of beginning the tour, however, we saw that we were surrounded by a dynamic open air art show where spray paint was the medium of choice. Around each corner, concrete […]

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Photo Essay: Street Artists Take Over an Abandoned Factory in Berkeley

January 27, 2013 California
Berkeley - Special Delivery Street Art

I watch my step as I enter, careful not to step in the rubble and debris that have tumbled down from the walls and ceilings of this derelict building over time. The bare sandals I’ve chosen to wear on this hot day in late September are not the best footwear for this kind of exhibit. […]

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Photo Essay: Unique Rock Formations and Ancient Art in Twyfelfontein, Namibia

December 21, 2012 captured on memory card

In Twyfelfontein, red sandstone rocks perch precariously atop other rocks, looking as though they are ready to tumble at any moment and join the field of boulders below. Some have taken on shapes that are reminiscent of the sea and others that have been artfully carved and arranged by the elements look like transient public […]

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Photo Essay: Graffiti and Abandoned Places in Berlin

July 22, 2012 captured on memory card
Graffiti in Berlin

An outer layer of paint can make a destination memorable. Jaipur, India is known as the Pink City because of the dusty rose-colored buildings that make up its historical center. Santorini is known for its white buildings against the brilliant blue sea, and the colonial towns of Mexico for their bright multicolored rows of buildings. […]

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Photo Essay: Street Art and Graffiti in Berlin

July 2, 2012 captured on memory card
Street art in Berlin

Street art has deep roots in the city of Berlin. When it was divided in two, the wall in West Berlin was a blank canvas for the beliefs and thoughts of counterculture types and immigrants who were settling there. After the Berlin Wall fell, the street art scene spread to the east side as well. […]

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Photo Essay: The Bears of Berlin

June 17, 2012 captured on memory card
Berlin - Bear Across from the Berlin Wall

An image of a bear is prominent part of Berlin’s coat of arms and bears are a somewhat inexplicable mascot of the city. Not long after I arrived, I noticed that I would see them all over the city in plazas, by train stations, in front of businesses, and in parks. Some were simple depictions […]

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Photo Essay: A Walk Along Berlin’s East Side Gallery

February 26, 2012 captured on memory card
Berlin - East Side Gallery

When I found out about the East Side Gallery in Berlin, I knew that if or when I traveled to the city, it would be one of the first places I’d visit. I thought it was a unique idea to take part of such a well known former tool of oppression and let it stand […]

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