Plaza de las Tres Culturas

Plaza de las Tres Culturas: A Site of Cultural Collision in Mexico City


As we stepped out of the van and got our first glimpse of the ruins of Tlatelolco, I assumed it was just another archaeological site. But it had a strong aura about it, and there was an unusual juxtaposition of the Aztec ruins, a church, and the more modern architecture nearby. As the day went […]

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Photo Essay: Examining Mexico City’s History on a Tour of Three Significant Sites

captured on memory card

When I first arrived in Mexico City, I stayed at Hostel Amigo Suites, the younger, but more mellow and grown up sister of the noted party hostel, Hostel Amigo. I found that Hostel Amigo should be known for more than its lively nighttime events, it has an educational side as well. Together with Hostel Amigo […]

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