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Tips and Suggestions

Every intrepid female traveler will encounter squat toilets at some point in her travels. Here is a guide to conquering them:
» The Art of Squatting

Non-fiction travel books written by females:
» 5 Travel Memoirs by Women

Bulky money belts are not the jam. Keep your important stuff safe with the best money belt for women I’ve found so far:
» A Money Belt Made for Women


Are you bored with “ultimate” travel song lists filled with rock music by men? Check out some of these alternatives:
» 7 Songs by Women to Empower You For Your Journey

Inspiring female travelers I’ve met along the way and an ode to doing things your own way:
» 4 Decades of Inspirational Female Travelers

A lovely poem set to music and a video that will inspire or encourage you to try solo travel:
» Songs for the Road No. 7: Inspiration for Solo Travel

On the finer points of getting older and how age doesn’t have to put an end to your travels:
» A Break From Regularly Scheduled Blogging to Bring You This Birthday Post


How I went from chronic over-packing and lugging around a gigantic suitcase to traveling with everything I need on my back:
» Nobody Puts Bessie in the Corner

Testing my endurance in the Amazon Basin:
» Anaconda Hunting We Will Go

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