Ekua’s peregrine nature happens to go well with her love for finding and capturing beauty and humor in the unexpected. Her wanderlust was cultivated early, starting with her first big trip at age two which took her from California to England and Ghana to visit relatives and family friends. While she was in Ghana, the travel bug, in the form of a potentially malaria-ridden mosquito, bit her for the first time. It turns out that it was not spreading malaria, it was actually transmitting wanderlust. The bug has been following her around ever since.

In her childhood, she rapidly developed a passion for exploration and discovery whether in far-flung places or her own surroundings. This desire to gain firsthand knowledge carried over into each new stage of her life. It’s been 20-something years and 20-something countries since that first trip, and the pesky travel bug continues to bite her, constantly provoking her to travel and seek adventure. She can’t help it, she just can’t be stopped.

When she is not traveling or writing about it, she is working with high school youth in San Francisco, dancing up a storm at a concert or festival, or on a quest to find San Francisco’s tastiest international food.

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