An Ode to Exploring Markets in Other Places

eats and drinks
A market vendor poses with one of his peppers at the Tlacolula market in Oaxaca state, Mexico

You step inside the market, the condensed and uncensored microcosm of the town, city, or neighborhood you’re visiting. Your awareness of your foreigner status is heightened. Vendors call out to potential customers and each other. There’s a stand selling undergarments next to a fruit stand next to a handicraft stand. Families squeeze past you as […]

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Photo Essay: The Colorful Markets of Mexico City

captured on memory card

In order to appreciate and be inspired by the misunderstood Mexico City, you have to go beyond the idea of simply seeing it. You have to live it. You have to open yourself up to the everyday Mexico City, roll around in it, absorb it. And eventually it will reveal the tremendous heart that both […]

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